What can't you do with a Morgan?

With over 2 million units in use, there's almost nothing our buildings haven't been used to do. From Daycare and Preschools, to Hospitals and Military Barracks, our buildings have been used worldwide, for just about every purpose.

Garages and Car Ports


Guard Shacks


Portable Storage and Tool Sheds


Cabins and Cottages


Barns and Livestock Shelters


Shops and Factories




Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Facilities


Banks, Offices, and Showrooms


Storage Rental Units


Disaster Relief Housing


Portable Bathroom and Shower Units


Military Housing



Laundromats, and Laundry Facilities

Workforce Housing

Kitchens and Dining Rooms


Restaurants, and Diners


Complete Camps / Man Camps


Automotive Showrooms and Repair Centers


Physical Therapy Offices


Rehabilitation Centers


Assisted Living


Man Caves


Motels and Rental Properties


...and so much more.


Anything you need, we can build it.


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